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Our Mission

If you want to change the world, start with your own healing

Solstice Mental Health

Our Story

Solstice is the end of the darkest day.  Out of darkness, the light bursts forth.  The days grow longer and things begin to grow again. The light at the end of the tunnel is closer and closer. 

Solstice is also closely tied to the myth of the Phoenix. This mystical bird shows up in many cultures representing the spirit of healing. The Phoenix burns out to ashes and rests–only to come back to life stronger and more beautiful.  Endings are also new beginnings.

Whatever has happened in our lives, we too have the power to spark the light at the end of the tunnel. Out of the ashes, we ascend and rise stronger that we were before.

Healing is a chain reaction that ripples in the world around us. As we heal, the connections around us feel that change. Healing trickles into our communities and then into the rest of the world. By changing what is within us, we change the world around us.


We Believe

  • We believe that we must do our own work first. Our therapists believe that in doing our work first, we show up with more support, curiosity, and empathy for our clients
  • We believe that therapy is inclusive. We welcome clients from all cultures and backgrounds. We are committed to anti-racist frameworks, unlearning our conditioning, and learning how to be better allies and community members to each other.
  • We believe that addiction is rooted in trauma. It is a means of coping with suffering. By attending holistically to client’s core trauma, we support recovery.
  • We believe in decolonizing therapy. This beautiful practice incorporates traditions from many cultures and medicines from the land. We strive to honor those legacies.
  • We believe in affirming the whole rainbow spectrum of human experience. We welcome clients of all sexualities, neurodiversity types, gender expressions, relationship types, and sexual practices.
  • We believe that healing is a long term work. The therapy hour is a piece of that. There are no quick fixes and through the therapeutic relationship, clients can find more awareness who they are.

We Believe We All Have the Innate Capacity to Heal & Grow

Humans are essentially fancy plants. We all have the innate ability to heal and grow call “Inner Healing Intelligence.” For example, you get a cut and your body knows how to repair and heal it. Our mental health works similarly. Plants start to thrive when they get the right resources and remove obstacles to growth.  We’re no different. Therapy is a space to nurture this process in yourself while learning skills to increase in self-care and self-love.

“Neuroplasticity” is my favorite psycho jargon word. My whole practice is based on this single idea.  It simply means the brain has the capacity to change, grow, and evolve over the whole lifetime. Whatever challenges and experiences have shaped our past are not permanent. We can change our patterns of thinking, develop different mindsets, gain new skills, and build new habits. Healing work can literally change your mind.


My Favorite Reddit Story

I love love love this story from Reddit below. It is not true (Snopes checked) and purely a piece of fiction.  However, it beautifully captures the power of collective growth. The systems that be are not equipped to handle the magnitude of whole communities healing. If we as community heal and grow, things have no choice but to change.



“Hi, I’m an arborist. This means I am a professional in the cultivation, management, and study of trees. I love trees. I think they’re some of the most beautiful, majestic, ancient living beings on our planet.

Today I am here to tell you a story of death, new life, and revenge. Three years ago today, the city council of Redondo Beach California ordered the death of my 30 year old pepper tree. It’s roots had begun to penetrate the pavement in front of my house. The city noticed and issued the death warrant of my tree. They furthermore made me pay for the damages to the sidewalk and for the tree removal.

I loved Clyde. I’m beginning to get older, and planting something that I knew would live well beyond my lifetime was something very special. I took very good care of him. I drained his soil, I gave him a crutch to lean on when he was a young lad, and I watched him grow. Just as Clyde was becoming a strong healthy individual, expanding his root system, developing a canopy, and making his own way in life, the mayor took it upon himself to uproot my beautiful child.

Mayor Steve Aspel. You killed my child.

For this, you will pay. Two years and seven months ago, I secretly planted 45 California Redwoods and 82 Giant Sequoias in various parks, yards, and state properties around your city.

Today, each of their root systems will be at least 30 feet in diameter, and deeply embedded in the soil. You may have noticed the trees growing in front of city council, or that new one that sprouted up in your backyard. That’s a Giant Sequoia, and its growth will begin accelerating rapidly in the coming months.

You killed Clyde, but I have replaced him with over 100 living giants. And giant they will become. In a few years, they’ll begin breaking heights of 100-300 feet and live well beyond 2,500 years. That’s way longer ago than Jesus was born. To remove even one of them at this point will cost well over $1500… And I’m stiffing you with the bill, just like you did to me 3 years ago today.

Good day to you, sir. May your city be overrun by trees. And may Clyde rest in peace.”


"The sky is limitless and so are you. Loving yourself is easy, the hardest part is continuing that mindset. But as long as you push, you'll always come out stronger than before."

~Ash Soto

"There is more light than darkness, there has always been."

~Tyler Knott

"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silences the mind."

~Caroline Myss

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