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Frequently Asked Questions


Telehealth Psychotherapy

What is telehealth therapy?

Telehealth Therapy is simply Online Therapy. Solstice Mental Health uses a secure video platform that can be accessed from your computer or smartphone.

Telehealth has increase access for clients to receive therapy as you can meet on your lunch break or don’t have to stress over the commute.

Clients receive the same types of services as if they were meeting in-office. Telehealth allows the freedom and flexibility of receiving therapy from the comforts of your home or other safe private space.

Is it private and confidential?

Your privacy and confidentiality is paramount!

We used a secure HIPPA compliant video platform that is easy to access (just click the link) from your phone or computer.

Your information is stored on a secure HIPPA compliant Electronic Health Record- Simple Practice. We also use this portal to share resources and secure messages.

Our therapists use headphones/buds to limit outside distractions as well as white noise machines.

Telehealth can be conducted anywhere you feel safe and comfortable such as your home office, a private room, bedroom, outside in nature, or a (parked) car.

Is telehealth effective?

Research and experience (especially since COVID19) show that telehealth is as effective as an in person session.

Telehealth also increases access to mental health services as it can be conducted from anywhere! It also reduces the stigma with accessing services such as the commute or sitting in a waiting area.

Telehealth also allows you to keep your favorite animal friends nearby (if you have them) for extra comfort and support!


What are restrictions to telehealth?

While telehealth increases opportunity and comfort for accessing therapy, there are some restrictions.

Your safety is important to us and telehealth cannot be conducted while in a moving vehicle.

Our therapists are also licensed professionals adhering to legal and ethical guidelines of the state. This means we can offer you services ANYWHERE in the state, but cannot provide services while you are traveling out of state. Don’t worry though, we’ll prepare so that you have the resources you need while vacationing & traveling.

Privacy is important to the therapeutic process and we ask that you meet in a secure place without others around so you can talk freely.

Fees and Insurance

What are the rates for session?

Individual therapy: $180 (55 minutes)

Limited sliding scale slots open.

My fee allows me to pursue further education to improve the resources I bring to session and allows me to create sliding scale access for those who cannot afford full fee.

A Good Faith Estimate may be requested for the cost of therapy.


Can you work with my insurance?

I am an Out of Network provider and can provide a monthly superbill that you can submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

This guide can be really helpful: 

**I have partnered with Headway for Illinois clients and currently accept Aetna, BCBS PPO, and Optum/United plans.


What does my insurance cover?

Reach out to your insurance and see what your “out of network” mental health benefits are. You may have to provide a “CPT code” which look like:

  • Intake (first) session- CPT 90791
  • Individual 53 minutes- CPT 90837

You may also want to ask:

  • How to submit a superbill to insurance?
  • What is your deductable?
  • What is your co-payment?
  • How many sessions you can you have per year?
  • Do you need authorization for services?


What if I have to cancel or reschedule?

To cancel or reschedule a session, a minimum of 24 hours is required by phone or email. Sessions not canceled in 24 hours will be charged full fee.  I’ll reach out at the beginning of session if you’re not in the video waiting room to check in.

Advanced notice allows me to accommodate other clients with scheduling needs.

How Do I Get Started?


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